Riley is still on Spring Break.  She couldn’t face the idea of staying home all day by herself so she went to work with Rick.  That means that he took her out to lunch.  I picked her up when I got out of work.  Lucky dog.

You may remember that my brother bought some chickens about a month ago.  We went out to see them tonight.  They are growing quickly.  I sent pictures of each chicken to a fellow Champion mom and she told me what kind of chickens they are. I only know a couple of their names, so I’ll put them in if I know it.

  1. Golden Sexlink

2. Thor – Buff Orpington

3.  Barred Rock

4. Rhode Island Red

5. George Hill – Americana

6.  Golden Sexlink

7. Americana/Aracauna

8.  Rhode Island Red

9. Golden Sexlink