I tried to post my update for the day and found that I have hit my space limitations on this blog.  *sigh*  I’ll be starting a new blog and you can find me at


Hope to see you there.

PS, it may take me a few days to find my stride and get the new one up and running.

I mentioned many moons ago that Riley had taken an “internship” with IUDM on their marathon relations committee.  It’s completely invented.  We made it up.  Our hope when she applied for it was that it would give her more responsibility at the marathons.  Anyway, her sub-committee is new marathons.  And tonight, we attended a new marathon.  Unfortunately, it was 90 minutes away.  They were fantastic.  They didn’t need any help.  But still, she counted money and made signs.  We left there at 10 and took deserted roads halfway home but we made it safely.


2016-03-31 08.33.34.jpg

Riley spent the day with her grandparents and when I picked her up, she was making peach cobbler from scratch, by herself.  She told me later that she thought she should have toasted the pecans first.

Our yard is full of gorgeous blooms right now.  Both the tree and my daffodils were out when we got home and still look beautiful.

Riley is still on Spring Break.  She couldn’t face the idea of staying home all day by herself so she went to work with Rick.  That means that he took her out to lunch.  I picked her up when I got out of work.  Lucky dog.

You may remember that my brother bought some chickens about a month ago.  We went out to see them tonight.  They are growing quickly.  I sent pictures of each chicken to a fellow Champion mom and she told me what kind of chickens they are. I only know a couple of their names, so I’ll put them in if I know it.

  1. Golden Sexlink

2. Thor – Buff Orpington

3.  Barred Rock

4. Rhode Island Red

5. George Hill – Americana

6.  Golden Sexlink

7. Americana/Aracauna

8.  Rhode Island Red

9. Golden Sexlink

Church, grocery store, trip to my parents’ for Easter, then home for one “hail” of a spring storm.  I literally had NO time to get Riley anything for Easter, but all she wanted was a little bag of Cadbury malted eggs.  Done and Done.  Her Grandma L sent some chocolate covered pretzels and Uncle Jason and Grandma/Grandpa got her some Easter candy.  At the Easter party, she decided to hide the Easter eggs for the littles instead of hunting them.  It’s hard to see her growing up so quickly sometimes.  I also wonder if she had a little sadness when she saw all of the other kids opening their eggs.



Today we attended the Wabash College Dance Marathon.  It was the first ever all male dance marathon.  It was different from other marathons but still had the heart that makes dance marathon so special.  There was a dodgeball competition (Riley REALLY needs to stop throwing ‘like a girl’.)  They had a pie eating contest.  Most importantly, they raised over $10,000 for Riley Hospital.

As much as we enjoy travelling, I’m usually pretty ready to come home and get back into a routine.  I’m not saying that I want to go back to work or anything silly like that.. I just am ready to sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen and stop living out of a suitcase.  If that means picking me up and dropping all of my stuff into a cabin in the middle of the mountains and calling that home?  I could probably do that.

Anyway, we got up this morning and took the girls to the Chattanooga Aquarium.  It’s a pretty neat aquarium and is pretty famous.  It’s a little on the pricey side but isn’t everything?  They have both a river side and an ocean side.  We loved the penguins and the river otter.

We met back up with the guys for lunch at a brewery (shocking, I know).  Riley and I shared a cheese pizza.  Yay, that it’s good Friday and we can go back to meat comas on Fridays.  Then we were in the car and headed home.

We got back to the house a little before 9, unpacked the car, took it back to the rental place and then back home to watch/listen to the IU game.  They lost.  So long Yogi.

2016-03-25 10.02.322016-03-25 10.16.032016-03-25 10.52.022016-03-25 11.29.292016-03-25 11.34.152016-03-25 11.38.352016-03-25 11.40.452016-03-25 11.53.262016-03-25 12.09.242016-03-25 12.11.54

All of us went to Gatlinburg to Ober Gatlinburg but then we split up.   We drove to Chattanooga after lunch and the guys took their sweet time visiting breweries before meeting us in the city.  We took the girls climbing and out to dinner and even got cupcakes at Gigi’s.  Rick and I split a cheesecake cupcake that was divine.  Riley FINALLY conquered this climbing area where she had to step up onto a “skyscraper” and jump off.  She never got on the final skyscraper because she had no way of holding on.  But yay, she did it.

2016-03-24 09.31.212016-03-24 09.31.332016-03-24 11.31.252016-03-24 11.51.032016-03-24 14.14.112016-03-24 19.37.43-12016-03-24 19.40.41



2016-03-24 21.18.022016-03-24 21.18.002016-03-24 22.09.052016-03-24 22.09.12


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